The High Cost of Homeless Housing: Review of Proposition HHH

L.A. Controller Ron Galperin's audit reviews the progress the City's homeless housing bond program.

Strategy on the Streets: Improving LAHSA’s Outreach Program

L.A. Controller Ron Galperin's report offers a more strategic approach to LAHSA's homeless outreach.

Youth Development in Los Angeles Thumbnail
Room to Grow: A Framework for Youth Development in Los Angeles

L.A. Controller Ron Galperin's report urges the City to improve its guidance of youth program spending.

Strengthening Oversight of the City’s IT Contracts

L.A. Controller Ron Galperin today released a report urging the City to better protect against fraud in information technology contracts.

Video - Fraud Waste and ABuse
On the Lookout: Review of the Fraud, Waste and Abuse Unit

The Controller’s Fraud, Waste and Abuse Unit works to identify, stop and prevent the misuse of City resources.

Video - Disaster Service Worker
In Case of Emergency: The City’s Disaster Service Worker Program

If a major disaster strikes, the City isn’t adequately prepared to activate its workforce to help out.

Video - Fleet Report Teaser
Shifting Gears: A Review of the City’s Passenger Vehicle Motor Pool

L.A. needs to modernize and reduce the number of automobiles it owns.

Video - Port IEA
Industrial, Economic and Administrative Survey of the Los Angeles Harbor Department

The Port of L.A. is a major economic engine that could improve the way it functions.

Video - Special Funds 2019
In the Balance: Financial Report on the City’s Special Funds

The City must reform the way it handles more than 700 special funds that hold $4 billion.

Video - CAFR 2019
L.A.’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2018

Get details on the City’s bottom line and what challenges await on the horizon.

Video - Revenue Forecast Report Teaser
Revenue Forecast Report for the City of Los Angeles 2019-20

Revenues are up in Los Angeles, but so is government spending.

Tree Trimming Media
Turning Over a New Leaf: L.A.’s Tree Trimming and Maintenance Program

Find out how the City can better care for hundreds of thousands of street trees.

I recently joined @ICEIUSA at a special reception honoring L.A.'s Israeli-American community leaders. Congratulations and thank you for supporting and empowering our Israeli-American immigrant communities, and making a difference in the future of Israel!

About a day ago from LA Controller Ron Galperin's Twitter via Twitter Web App