Strengthening Oversight of the City’s IT Contracts

L.A. Controller Ron Galperin today released a report urging the City to better protect against fraud in information technology contracts.

Video - Fraud Waste and ABuse
On the Lookout: Review of the Fraud, Waste and Abuse Unit

The Controller’s Fraud, Waste and Abuse Unit works to identify, stop and prevent the misuse of City resources.

Video - Disaster Service Worker
In Case of Emergency: The City’s Disaster Service Worker Program

If a major disaster strikes, the City isn’t adequately prepared to activate its workforce to help out.

Video - Fleet Report Teaser
Shifting Gears: A Review of the City’s Passenger Vehicle Motor Pool

L.A. needs to modernize and reduce the number of automobiles it owns.

Video - Port IEA
Industrial, Economic and Administrative Survey of the Los Angeles Harbor Department

The Port of L.A. is a major economic engine that could improve the way it functions.

Video - Special Funds 2019
In the Balance: Financial Report on the City’s Special Funds

The City must reform the way it handles more than 700 special funds that hold $4 billion.

Video - CAFR 2019
L.A.’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2018

Get details on the City’s bottom line and what challenges await on the horizon.

Video - Revenue Forecast Report Teaser
Revenue Forecast Report for the City of Los Angeles 2019-20

Revenues are up in Los Angeles, but so is government spending.

Tree Trimming Media
Turning Over a New Leaf: L.A.’s Tree Trimming and Maintenance Program

Find out how the City can better care for hundreds of thousands of street trees.

Video - NotifyLA
Alert: L.A. Can Better Use NotifyLA, City’s Emergency Notification System

The City's emergency notification system needs to change to ensure better safety and information.

Video - 2018 Budget Challenge
Welcome to the 2018 Los Angeles Budget Challenge

Watch students learn about financial literacy in Los Angeles.

Video - A Hire Calling: Modernizing Recruitment Report
A Hire Calling: Modernizing Recruitment in Los Angeles

A call to modernize the City of L.A.’s outdated recruitment and hiring process.

Many thanks to @LACityDPW & #KeepLosAngelesBeautiful for organizing the second annual #BeautificationConference last week. It was a great success! If we work together, there is no doubt that we can make #LosAngeles a cleaner, greener and more beautiful place to live.

Yesterday from LA Controller Ron Galperin's Twitter via Twitter for iPhone