L.A. Controller Galperin Suspends Ridley-Thomas’s City Pay

LOS ANGELES- L.A. Controller Ron Galperin is terminating Mark Ridley-Thomas’s City pay following today’s City Council vote to suspend him:

“After today’s City Council vote, Mark Ridley-Thomas is no longer empowered to carry out the duties and responsibilities for which he was elected, and he can no longer be present to effectively serve his constituents or represent their interests at City Hall.

“While Ridley-Thomas has had many years of honorable public service, I will not use City money to pay the salary of an elected official facing federal bribery and fraud charges who is now legally unable to do his job. The people of Los Angeles deserve better from their government leaders. In accordance with the City Charter, I am exercising my authority as L.A. City Controller to suspend Ridley-Thomas’s salary and benefits effective October 21, 2021.”

The City Council suspended Ridley-Thomas pursuant to City Charter section 211, and Galperin is stopping salary payments pursuant to section 218. The payroll division of the Controller’s Office is responsible for paying the salaries of all City employees and elected officials.

Ridley-Thomas’s biweekly salary is $8,575.84, which comes out to $223,829.42 annually.

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