L.A. Controller Maps LGBTQ Resources to Connect Homeless Youth with Services

LOS ANGELES — In the wake of this year’s Homeless Count results, which found that approximately 8,900 people age 24 and under experience homelessness in Los Angeles County on any given night, L.A. Controller Ron Galperin released a comprehensive online map and data tool detailing free local resources to assist lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) homeless youth throughout the region. Up to 40 percent of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ, according to local estimates.

The LGBTQ Resource Map can be accessed at lacontroller.org/lgbtqresourcemap and is presented in partnership with the L.A. LGBT Youth Advocates Coalition and the Los Angeles chapter of PFLAG. The map highlights 100+ organizations in Southern California that provide housing, health resources, youth and education programs, scholarships, legal services, nutrition assistance and more to homeless and at-risk LGBTQ youth.

“The homelessness crisis gripping our region reaches across the spectrum of age, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation and expression, but is particularly difficult for LGBTQ youth,” said Galperin. “As City Controller, I see it as my responsibility to help Angelenos get information that is useful and helpful to them. That is why I believe it is so critical to connect LGBTQ youth with social services and community resources — not just to get them the assistance they need today, but to put them on a path toward a better future.”

“In Los Angeles, LGBTQ youth can be isolated — finding friends and services can be difficult. The LGBTQ Resource Map gives them a means to connect and seek crucial aid, ” said Steve Krantz, PFLAG Los Angeles Board Member and LA LGBT Youth Advocates Coalition founder. “Kudos to Controller Galperin for his leadership in creating this important community resource.”

Galperin’s interactive map can be used by anyone in the L.A. area in need of services, but is aimed specifically at aiding LGBTQ youth. While most homeless people share similar basic needs, LGBTQ youth often face additional challenges related to their sexual or gender identity. The map is part of Galperin’s ongoing efforts to use data, technology and innovation to connect Angelenos with important public resources and services.

Explore Galperin’s LGBTQ Resource Map and Data Tool at https://lacontroller.org/lgbtqresourcemap.

Working to Alleviate Homelessness

Galperin has a track record of addressing homelessness in Los Angeles. In 2017, his office released a report on homeless encampments that included recommendations such as making hygiene and storage facilities available, regularizing sanitation pick-ups in areas with concentrated homeless populations, and exploring the use of alternative housing models, like shared housing and micro-units.

He also issued the first limited analysis of Measure HHH spending in his recent Annual Financial Report, noting that the City has not yet made the most of available Measure HHH dollars, spending only $4.5 million out of $86.4 million in available funds in fiscal year 2018.

L.A. Controller Ron Galperin is the first openly gay citywide elected official in Los Angeles. Follow him at @LAController on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.