L.A. Controller’s Updated COVID-19 Dashboard Maps and Tracks Cases/Deaths by County, City, Neighborhood

LOS ANGELES — L.A. Controller Ron Galperin today launched an updated COVID-19 dashboard that maps and tracks infections and deaths for L.A. County and all the cities and communities within it, including each neighborhood in the City of Los Angeles. Building on his initial dashboard released in May as part of the comprehensive COVID-19 Resource Hub, Galperin’s new dashboard now includes lists of the 10 communities in the County with the highest number of cases and deaths; displays the number of total cases and deaths by ethnicity and total cases by gender and age; shows the percentage of deaths that have occurred in residential and acute care facilities; and has four County-City gradient maps displaying cases and death rates by population. Users can navigate the maps or search by address to find cases and deaths by community

“This is a critical moment for Los Angeles as cases and hospitalizations are rising dangerously countywide,” said Controller Galperin. “My dashboard can help people understand where infections and deaths are occurring and how communities and the people living in them are being impacted by the pandemic. It’s clear that people of color who live in economically disadvantaged communities are disproportionately affected, showing the absolute imperative for a more equitable distribution of resources to those areas now and in the future.”

L.A. area communities with the most overall COVID-19 cases:

  • East Los Angeles: 3,388 cases
  • South Gate: 2,476 cases
  • Los Angeles — Boyle Heights: 2,402 cases (directly adjacent to East Los Angeles)

Communities with the most overall COVID-19 deaths:

  • Glendale: 120 deaths
  • Los Angeles — Westlake: 112 deaths
  • Los Angeles — Pico Union: 71 deaths

The updated COVID-19 dashboard is the only tool at the City of Los Angeles focused on mapping the location of coronavirus infections and deaths. Data on the dashboard is gathered from the L.A. County Department of Public Health and updated daily.

View the COVID-19 dashboard at lacontroller.org/covid19resourcehub or  https://lacontroller.org/covid19resourcehub/.

About the COVID-19 Resource Hub

In addition to the COVID-19 dashboard, Galperin’s COVID-19 Resource Hub features a map showing how stimulus dollars are distributed by community, and contains hundreds of resources organized into 16 categories — for employees and job seekers, freelancers, renters, small business owners, immigrants and much more.