Galperin Launches 2.0 to Make City Data More Accessible

LOS ANGELES — L.A. Controller Ron Galperin today launched a new, modernized website that gives Angelenos a simpler way to access audits, financial reports, City performance metrics and his award-winning open data portal.

The upgraded website,, is an easy-to-navigate clearinghouse for information about the Controller’s office, the reports and audits it releases, and a new home for Galperin’s data dashboards, stories and maps. LAController 2.0 also serves as a gateway to Galperin’s open data portal, ControlPanel LA, which allows anyone to explore the City’s payroll, everything it buys and all the numbers that make the nation’s second largest city run. And City performance data showing how well Los Angeles serves Angelenos — number of potholes filled, tons of recyclables collected, total crimes reported versus arrests made, and many more categories — is just one click from the homepage.

The website is also accessible to the disability community and all content can be easily translated into Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Arabic, Armenian and dozens of additional languages by clicking a button at the bottom of each page.

“I’m very passionate about data and proud of how my office has presented the City’s finances and performance metrics to the public over the years,” said Controller Galperin. “But I’m always looking for ways to increase government transparency. My website will make it easier for Angelenos to engage with the City and get the information they’re looking for.”

Since his election in 2013, Galperin has used emerging tech platforms and open data to throw wide the doors of transparency for taxpayers. Recognizing the efforts of Galperin and other City leaders, L.A. has been named the “No. 1 Digital City” by the U.S. City Open Data Census three years running. Government Technology Magazine also named Controller Galperin to its list of the “Top 25 Doers, Dreamers and Drivers.” Just this week, Galperin received the 2019 Tyler Public Sector Excellence Award for his open data work.

Check out his new website here.

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