Controller’s Updated Map Shows L.A. Regained 16K Jobs, But Unemployment Still 20%

LOS ANGELES — Today, L.A. Controller Ron Galperin released an updated “COVID-19 Job Losses in L.A.” map, which shows that Los Angeles regained 16,000 jobs, but is still down a total of 252,000 jobs since the pandemic hit. Originally released last month, Galperin’s map illustrated where L.A. lost approximately 268,000 jobs in March and April due to the coronavirus shutdown. Today’s update details slight gains in May after major sectors of the economy began to reopen. The data in the map is based on the state’s most recent employment numbers.

“Although unemployment in Los Angeles is still over 20 percent, we’ve started to regain jobs in certain industries,” said Controller Galperin. “This is a positive sign for thousands of families, but it remains to be seen whether the trend will continue. There are still many neighborhoods in Los Angeles — especially those with higher concentrations of African American and Latino families, immigrants, low-income renters and single-parent households — that will need additional resources to recover from COVID-19.”

Takeaways from Galperin’s updated COVID-19 Job Losses map:

Industries with the most job gains in May:

  • Accommodation and Food Service: gained 5,000 jobs or 3% over the prior month. With the state reverting back to restrictions on certain business operations, like bars and indoor dining, these gains could be reversed.
  • Waste Management: gained 4,700 jobs or 4% over the prior month.
  • Construction: gained 4,200 jobs or 8% over the prior month.
  • Manufacturing: gained 4,000 jobs or 4% over the prior month.

Industries with the most job losses in May:

  • Information: down 6,500 jobs or 4% over the prior month.
  • Education: down 2,400 jobs or 2% over the prior month.

L.A. neighborhoods have an estimated 15 percent to 20.4 percent fewer jobs now than they did before COVID-19 — with a citywide average of 17% fewer jobs.

Neighborhoods where the most residents lost jobs since February:

  • The neighborhood of Toluca Lake lost the highest percentage of jobs since February, down 20.4%.
  • Hollywood Hills lost 20.1% of jobs.
  • Hollywood lost 19.9% of jobs.

Council District 4 experienced the steepest job decline since February with an estimated 26,000 fewer jobs, or 18.9%.

View the job losses map at or Users can explore by neighborhood or Council District.

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