Controller Spotlights Latinx Heritage by Mapping Historic Places and Public Spaces Across Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES — To honor the contributions of the City’s diverse Latinx communities during Latino Heritage Month, L.A. Controller Ron Galperin today released a new online resource map featuring 23 sites in the City of Los Angeles that showcase the incredible influence of Latinxs on local history, politics, arts, culture, education and more. Available at, “Latinx Heritage Across Los Angeles” gives a unique look at some important places, spaces, monuments and institutions that are publicly owned or have been officially recognized by the City as integral to the development of L.A.’s Latinx communities.

“The Latinx presence is deeply embedded in the City’s fabric, from the Eastside to the San Fernando Valley, from Downtown to Westlake and beyond,” said Controller Ron Galperin. “This unique map focuses on some of the public places and historical monuments that underscore just how important Latinx communities have been to L.A.’s development in nearly every sphere of life since 44 settlers founded El Pueblo de Los Angeles in 1781.”

Map and English/Spanish-Language Infographic

“Latinx Heritage Across Los Angeles” is part of Controller Galperin’s efforts to use data, technology and innovation to promote civic engagement and connect the public with City resources and services. On this resource map, users can fully explore the monument marking where Los Angeles was born, along with historic adobes, churches, sculptures, intersections and restaurants. There is also information on the current number of Latinx City workers, commissioners and elected officials in an infographic released in English and Spanish with the map.

Explore the Controller’s Latinx/Latino Heritage resource map and infographic: or

Galperin’s previous maps have featured resources to assist with emergency preparedness, LGBTQ homeless youth, tax preparation, affordable housing incentives, domestic violence services, youth programs, summer fun activities and more.

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