Controller Reports L.A. Regained 50K Jobs, But Still Down 200K from COVID-19

LOS ANGELES — L.A. Controller Ron Galperin released an updated “COVID-19 Job Losses in L.A.” map today, which shows that Los Angeles regained 50,000 jobs last month, but is still down 201,000 jobs since the coronavirus pandemic began. The City lost nearly 268,000 jobs in March and April, regained 16,000 jobs in May and continued to rebound in June as the economy reopened. The data is based on the state’s most recent employment numbers.

“It has been an incredibly tough four months for Angelenos,” said Controller Galperin. “More than 200,000 local jobs have disappeared, leaving so many residents, especially those in communities of color and immigrant communities, in a state of economic uncertainty. The most recent job numbers reflect gains from business reopenings in June, but the dramatic resurgence of COVID-19 infections this month could lead to reversals in the future.”

Below are takeaways from Galperin’s updated COVID-19 Job Losses map:

Big picture:

  • All industries, except Finance/Insurance and Utilities, have lost jobs since the coronavirus hit. Accommodation/Food Service and Information have suffered the most overall losses, 52,700 and 42,100 losses respectively.
  • All industries, except Education Services, regained some of those jobs in June.
  • All L.A. neighborhoods have lost jobs since February — each has an average of 13% fewer jobs now than before COVID-19.

Industries with the most June job gains:

  • Accommodation/Food Service regained 21,100 jobs or 21% over the prior month, but is still down 52,700 jobs because of the pandemic. With the reversion to state restrictions on bars and indoor dining in July, recent gains could diminish.
  • Retail Trade regained 7,900 jobs or 6% over the prior month, but is still down 17,400 jobs during the pandemic.
  • Arts/Entertainment/Recreation regained 5,700 jobs or 24% over the prior month, but is still down 13,600 jobs during the pandemic.
  • Professional/Scientific/Technical Services regained 3,900 jobs or 4% over the prior month, but is still down 10,400 jobs during the pandemic.

Only industry with June job losses: Educational Services lost 3,600 jobs or 3% over the prior month and is down a total of 16,044 jobs due to COVID-19.

Only two industries gained jobs overall: 

  • While sectors powered by service workers — such as Accommodation/Food Service, Health Care and Retail Trade — are still down tens of thousands of jobs since COVID-19 hit, two industries have MORE jobs now than in February.
  • Finance/Insurance gained 1,181 jobs during the pandemic.
  • Utilities gained 188 jobs during the pandemic.

View the job losses map at or Users can explore by neighborhood or Council District.

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