Controller Wants to Help Angelenos File Taxes with Less Stress and No Fees

LOS ANGELES — With tax season in full swing, L.A. Controller Ron Galperin wants to reduce the stress of meeting the April 15 filing deadline by offering residents an updated map of free tax preparation service providers throughout the region. The map, available at, lists 22 tax prep assistance locations that include local community based organizations and resource centers.

“This map is an excellent resource for Angelenos who need help filing taxes and deserve to secure the tax credits they work so hard to earn throughout the year,” said L.A. Controller Ron Galperin. “As the taxpayers’ watchdog in Los Angeles, I believe everyone should have access to tools that will save them money and help secure a better financial future for their families.”

The tax prep map is geared toward individuals and households who earn less than $55,000 annually and qualify for the state and federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Low- to moderate-income individuals and families may receive up to $9,500 in EITC refunds, but only if a tax return is filed and EITC is claimed. Taxpayers who have disabilities, are elderly or with limited English skills are encouraged to check eligibility for these free services.

All service locations on the map are staffed with IRS-certified volunteers who provide basic tax prep services, in addition to enrollment specialists who can help people sign up for public benefits like the CalFresh food assistance program.

The tax prep map is part of Controller Galperin’s push to use technology to connect people with critical public services. Explore the free tax prep map here.

Other maps released by Galperin feature resources to assist with emergency preparedness, LGBTQ homeless youth, homeless housing, wildfire prevention efforts, affordable housing incentives, domestic violence services, youth programs, summer fun activities and more.

View all of Galperin’s maps at

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