Controller Expands Food Access Map to Include 140+ Food Pantry Locations Across L.A. County

LOS ANGELES — To connect even more individuals and families with fresh, healthy food during the coronavirus pandemic, L.A. Controller Galperin today released a more expansive guide to food resources for anyone living in the County of Los Angeles. “Food Pantries Across L.A. County,” which can be accessed at, maps 141 food pantry locations throughout the greater L.A. area where residents can go to pick up food.

“The new normal of staying home is necessary to slow the spread of the coronavirus right now, but poses real challenges for families across the southland,” said Controller Ron Galperin. “Kids can’t go to school, parents have either lost their job or are forced to work from home, and meeting basic needs, like getting food, is tougher than it was before. Because this pandemic is impacting everyone in the region, we expanded our map of food pantry locations beyond the City of Los Angeles to the entire County. My goal is to help people — especially working and low-income families —  access fresh and nutritious food so that they can keep themselves healthy.”

Check out Galperin’s Food Pantries Across L.A. County Map.

Last week, Galperin released Food Access in L.A., an online map of food pantries and LAUSD Grab and Go centers in the City. Both food maps forward Galperin’s mission to connect people with useful resources and services using data and technology.

Galperin has previously mapped resources for emergency preparedness, LGBTQ homeless youth, tax preparation, homeless housing, domestic violence services, youth programs, summer fun activities and more.

View all of Galperin’s maps:

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