Controller Calls on City to Modernize Recruitment and Hiring

Los AngelesL.A. Controller Ron Galperin today released “A Hire Calling: Modernizing City Recruitment and Hiring,” identifying the challenges – and solutions – in retaining and bringing on the best people to work and serve L.A.’s residents and businesses.

“The ability of our City to serve our residents, businesses and visitors depends first and foremost on attracting and retaining the very best people to work for our City departments. To do so, it is vital that we modernize the City of L.A.’s outdated recruitment and hiring process – along with updating our Civil Service system,” L.A. Controller Ron Galperin said. “Taxpayers and stakeholders deserve nothing but the best of the best from those entrusted to serve. We are fortunate to have so very many outstanding employees in our City government – but we must adapt to new ways of hiring and managing our human resources.”

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“Personnel continues to work with Departments and City leaders to develop new and exciting ways to help current City employees grow and excel while providing a dynamic and exciting workplace environment for new employees to begin exciting careers,” Personnel Department General Manager Wendy Macy said. “The journey has just begun and the Controller’s report helps illuminate the path forward. With support from our City partners, we will improve Civil Service through changes in approach as well as policy and achieve the goal to make Los Angeles the best employer in the United States.”

Among the challenges facing L.A. as detailed in the report are that the City’s hiring process is overly restrictive and takes too long. The multi-step Civil Service process takes an average of more than seven months to get hired by the City. Meanwhile the City’s workforce does not represent the gender breakdown of Los Angeles where women make up half of the City’s population but are just 35% of the civilian workforce. Outdated job titles and minimum job qualifications are too narrowly defined while rigid schedules impede our ability to attract the best possible candidates.

In his report, the Controller said the City needs to modernize its practices to attract a new generation of employees while also reducing the gender gap. To draw the best candidates, he found, the City should expand the methods it uses to find candidates and evaluate whether salaries, job qualifications and job titles are aligned with comparable industry jobs. The City also needs to reduce the total hiring time by working with job experts and vendors and adopting best practices in use by other Cities and the private sector.

Read the full report.

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