Video - 2018 Budget Challenge
Welcome to the 2018 Los Angeles Budget Challenge

Watch students learn about financial literacy in Los Angeles.

Video - A Hire Calling: Modernizing Recruitment Report
A Hire Calling: Modernizing Recruitment in Los Angeles

A call to modernize the City of L.A.’s outdated recruitment and hiring process.

Video - Oil and Gas Review
Looking into the Well: Reviewing L.A.’s Oil and Gas Drilling Sites

This lays out a plan to take a proactive approach to inspecting oil and gas drilling sites in L.A.

Video - Systematic Code Enforcement Audit
Better Standards: Reviewing the Systematic Code Enforcement Program of L.A.’s Housing Stock

Los Angeles should have a more efficient system to keep rental units safe and habitable.

Video - Zoo Audit
It’s a Jungle Out There: Greater Transparency and Accountability at the L.A. Zoo

A search for more transparency and accountability at the L.A. Zoo.

Video - Idle Funds
Tapping into millions in idle funds

Los Angeles should put tens of millions of dollars sitting idle to better use.

#WaybackWednesday to the ladies of @gtwt_leadership picking outfits for their first job interview. A huge thanks to a……

2 days ago from LA Controller Ron Galperin’s Twitter