More Officer Work, Less Office Work: Maximizing Use of Civilians to Enhance
LAPD Sworn Deployment

Many Los Angeles police officers are doing jobs that do not require their police powers or expertise, and could appropriately and less expensively be done by civilians. An audie I am releasing today found that sworn officers were filling nearly 460 jobs2 that should be done by civilians. These jobs, in a department that employs nearly 9,900 officers, range from managing equipment and the flow of court subpoenas to maintaining records.

The number of these jobs has increased by 14 percent from the last time we checked in 2008. Then, an audit found 402 such jobs. The increase is largely attributable to use of more sworn police officers, rather than civilian detention officers to staff Department jails. Not counted in either audit were civilian jobs being done by some of the 300 or more officers on permanent limited duty because of injuries, disabilities or administrative directives.