Maximizing Use of Civilians in LAPD to Increase Deployment

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is the third largest police department in the nation and is responsible for the safety and security of the City of Los Angeles. The LAPD receives the largest appropriation ($1.4 billion) of any department supported by the City’s General Fund, and the department spends the majority of its funding on sworn police officers.

LAPD sworn officers are critical in making Los Angeles one of the safest, most livable, and most prosperous cities in the world. While many positions in LAPD require the skills, training, and experience of sworn officers, other positions can be performed instead by civilians. Hiring civilian personnel selectively to augment sworn officers can help all law enforcement agencies, including LAPD, to maximize the number of sworn personnel available to be deployed for critical public safety duties, including patrols and investigation. This process, known as civilianization, is a best practice in law enforcement and can also improve a law enforcement agency’s service and reduce costs.