L.A. Controller Ron Galperin

Ron Galperin is the 19th Controller of the City of Los Angeles, elected in 2013 and again in 2017. He serves as the watchdog for taxpayers at City Hall, making sure public dollars are spent efficiently and effectively. He is also the paymaster, auditor and chief accounting officer for the City of Los Angeles. Galperin oversees a team that conducts independent audits, manages the City’s payroll and spending, reports on the City’s finances, pursues fraud and waste, and works to create a more transparent, accountable and modern city for residents.

Leading a Data Revolution

Galperin launched Control Panel L.A., the City’s first open data portal, in 2013. It features details on the goods and services Los Angeles buys, along with information on assets and liabilities, employee compensation, performance metrics, and much more. Because of his efforts, L.A. was named the “No. 1 Digital City” by the U.S. City Open Data Census three years in a row. Government Technology Magazine also put Controller Galperin on its list of the “Top 25 Doers, Dreamers and Drivers.” In 2019, Galperin received the Tyler Public Sector Excellence Award. He created the L.A. Equity Index in 2020 and mapped nearly 2,000 free food distribution centers across the state to help families make it through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Results-Oriented Audits

Under Galperin’s leadership, the Controller’s office has issued numerous financial and performance audits focused on improving the efficiency and accountability of City government — and on delivering quality neighborhood services. These audits are improving street maintenance, homeless housing and outreach, arts funding, management of the City’s special funds, the Dept. of Water and Power, workers’ compensation costs, illegal dumping pickup, airport operations, L.A.’s trees, emergency services and much more. Galperin has also been a staunch advocate for increasing equity at the City and in the region.

Because of an audit conducted by Galperin’s office and subsequent partnership with the City Council, Street Damage Restoration Fee receipts grew to 10 times the revenue L.A. recovered for the fee just two years earlier. This allows the City to fix more streets that badly need it now and in the future.

Background of Service

Prior to his election, Galperin built a reputation outside City Hall as a leading voice for government reform. He is the first Neighborhood Council member elected to citywide office in Los Angeles. During his Neighborhood Council tenure, Galperin was known as an advocate for quality of life improvements and responsible neighborhood planning. He also developed and taught “L.A. City Government 101” to community activists throughout the city, and served as a budget advocate.

Galperin has long promoted cutting government waste and looked for ways to help businesses create jobs. As chair of the Los Angeles Commission on Revenue Efficiency, he worked to develop new revenue sources and budget savings to deliver more services to residents and businesses. He also presided over the City’s Quality and Productivity Commission.

Galperin has more than 20 years of experience as an attorney and small business owner. He earned his law degree from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles after graduating from Washington University in St. Louis. He lives in West Los Angeles with his husband, Rabbi Zachary Shapiro.